Saturday, 25 April 2015

Lavish Embroidered long Kurti Collection 2015

Everyone knows that life is not tasteful without fashion and especially for those who love lavish personality. Girls always love this habit and that’s why as compare with boys, most of the girls love to innovation in fashion. Long shirt with Capri trouser is one of them. Yes! After palazzo and casual trouser now Capri and jeans are becoming a most lovely fashion in this season winter and summer 2015. And that’s why most of the garment companies and designers are also introducing their Kurti/Kurta collection with trouser in the form of 2-Pc Dresses. Recently Al-Zohaib’s Zanisha launched its Embroidered Kurti Summer Collection 2015. Have a look. Hope, you will love it.
 Zanisha Embroidered Kurti Summer Collection 2015
Al-Zohaib Textiles launched its Zanisha Embroidered Kurti collection for summer 2015 with beautiful designer embroidery work, Neckline (Gala Panels), embroidered and printed borders, Piping, Self-embroidery and digital print with Capri trousers. Well, all these dresses are available in suitable price Rs 1475 PKR in all reading stores.

Raniya Summer Collection 2015

Here we are with another joint work of two emerging entities. Yes, Rujhan Fabric and Kamran SK joined hands for making Raniya Summer 2015 Vol-2. The prints will be in market from 27th April 2015, so get ready for the real feminine lawn prints embellished in real feminine colors for the ongoing summer 2015. Let’s have a look to the designs made by Kamran SK and launched by Rujhan Fabric in Raniya Summer 2015 Collection Vol-2.

Designer Kamran SK's Raniya Lawn 2015 Vol-2
Kamran SK is an emerging fashion and clothing designer with state of the art dress designing skills and artistic fashion aesthetics. Kamran SK made such a glorious lawn prints for Raniya Summer Lawn Collection 2015 which has been proudly launched by Rujhan Fabric. Rujhan Fabric is an emerging clothing brand offering a wide range of women clothing including luxurious dresses to seasonal attires. In this Raniya Summer 2015 Vol-2 versatile lawn prints have been introduced in fabulous prints of Kamran SK. So, get new look of the season by new designers. Trust the nature and wear natural lawn prints of Raniya Summer 2015 Vol-2; these are real feminine designs in real feminine colors for contemporary summer 2015 happenings.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Feminine by Shariq Summer 2015

Shariq Textiles launched the best of best for summer season 2015 for the feminine of Pakistan. This is chic, stylish and romantic and of course the real formal dresses for girls for summer 2015. This is Feminine by Shariq consists of best formal prints of summer 2015. The designs have been showcased on official Facebook page of Shariq Textile and the prints will be in all leading clothing stores of Pakistan from 27th April, 2015. So, get ready for the real formal prints of the season and be the real feminine with Shariq.

Feminine Formal Summer Collection 2015
Feminine means what? Feminine means beauty and beauty is always about keeping a strong identity; the identity which always attract others. Identity possesses lots of things including attitude, gesture, look and your clothing taste; and girls always attract others if they wear beautiful fashionable dresses. So, this summer 2015 update your clothing taste with Feminine by Shariq. In this Feminine summer dress collection Shariq introduced the real identity of women in modern looks; so enjoy the beauty of the season with feminine classic lawn prints of Shariq which have been nourished in beautiful embroideries. The dresses have been designed in all modern patterns with all trendy embroidered patterns and styles. Shariq introduced Angrakha Style and Open Kurti Style summer lawn prints with other routine summer patterns; and finally the dresses have been beautified in Neckline embroideries and Borderline beauties. For the feminine look Shariq designed Feminine summer prints in all trendy and sophisticated colors of the season. So, all this making this Feminine by Shariq—The Best Formal Prints of Summer 2015, best for formal summer happenings like Evening Parties, Night functions and Family gatherings.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Rabia Gazal Embroidered Designer Lawn 2015

Here we have another merger; merger for the best and for the quality. This time designer Rabia Gazal and Dawood Lawns joined hands and designed the most beautiful embroidered designer lawn dresses for the summer season 2015. These embroidered designer lawn dresses are available in the market and you can also purchase from Dawood’s official store. So, hurry up and grab the best designs of designer Rabia Gazal of “Rabia Gazal Embroidered Designer Lawn 2015 Vol-1 by Dawood”.

Monsoon Lawn 2015

 Al-Zohaib Textiles
 launched its new dress collection for summer 2015. This is the second volume of Monsoon Lawn—a quality lawn label of Al-Zohaib Textiles. In this dress collection Al-Zohaib introduced lavish lawn prints for the feminine of 2015. This is the opportunity of modern college and office going girls to grab the lawn prints of the season. So, go and get Monsoon Lawn 2015 Vol-2 and lavish your lifestyle. The dresses are so affordable and the price starts from PKR 1,350/-. These lavish lawn prints of Monsoon Lawn 2015 vol.2 will be in all leading stores from 20th April, 2015. You can also purchase these lavish lawn prints of Al-Zohaib’s Monsoon Lawn Collection 2015 through online official store of Al-Zohaib.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Vaneeza V Lawn Collection 2015

 Vaneeza V Lawn is the prime lawn brand of Pakistan offering high quality lawn dresses. The brand was launched in 2006 and since then Vaneeza V Lawn has marked so many success stories on the board. This summer season 2015 Vaneeza V Lawn brought something new, something special and something glorious; a wide range of summer lawn dress collection has been designed for your every moment, every pulse and every happening of this summer season 2015. So, don’t worry about the fashion and color scheme because you are going to love all the dresses of this Vaneeza V-Lawn Collection 2015.

Jubilee Summer Catalogue 2015

Since 1984 Jubilee Cloth Mills is fascinating with its quality fabric and variety in trendy Pakistani dresses. During this long journey, Jubilee marked several success spots and gradually developed a handsome size of brand portfolio. And now for the summer season 2015 Jubilee’s summer catalogue 2015 will be your best friend throughout the season. From its blend of summer dress brands Jubilee has already launched Jubilee Laaj Designer Series for summer 2015, Jubilee Designer Collection and Jubilee Designer Krinkle Summer Collection 2015. So, now you can plan the whole summer season; your casual, semi-formal and formal summer happenings and can chose best summer dress from Jubilee Summer Catalogue.